It Could Be Worse!

T RexI hate to admit it, but one of the most terrifying movies I ever saw was Jurassic Park. It was the Tyrannosaurus rex that freaked me out.  That screech sent chills down my spine.

Every time I open an old ironing board in a hotel room, I hear the same sound and shudder.  This animal was so big, the earth shook when it walked.  And those teeth!

Only one thing could have made this monster more scary…


T-Rex had massive legs, a humongous head, and a gigantic tail.  What was with the itty bitty arms? They say it could run fast; big deal! It couldn’t grab anything without laying on it.

So assume Mr. Rex chased a saber-toothed tiger, did a belly flop on it and grabbed it with its little arms.

Now what?

The arms were too short and the head too big to get the toothy morsel in it’s mouth.  Did T-Rex  have to ask other prehistoric animals to hold his prey while he ate it? No wonder it’s extinct.

Many times I have found myself in a predicament where I felt,”this is the worst thing that could happen to me.”  But, if I take the time get beyond my feelings and think, I soon realize it could be worse.  More than that, for many people it is worse.  We live in a world where the smallest inconvenience flings us into a fit of self pity, desperation and even rage.

Look for the blessing, my friends. If you feel scared and discouraged because you are being chased by a T-Rex, remember it could be worse.

It could have arms.

T Rex w arms

[reminder]When in a rough situation, have you ever focused on that fact that it could be worse? If so, how has that impacted your attitude?[/reminder]