Hurricane Weather Reporters

Good morning!  It’s Lighten Up Monday!  If you have ever seen a reporter standing on beach as a hurricane approaches, you will understand this clip.
[youtube id=”Y2lpIMvXaj0″] If you think I am exaggerating, watch this reporter
[youtube id=”6OiE9TxCJFI”] [reminder]So do you think these sensationalistic reports help save lives?[/reminder]


  1. My wife and I got married that day noted in the weather channel video. We honeymooned to Aruba later that week because “it was an island that never had hurricanes go anywhere near it”…apparently except for sept 2004…the night before we left i called the resort to see if we should still come, I swear I heard a building falling down in the background while the concierge said “yes you should still come, we are having great weather here”. Our all inclusive breakfast our first day consisted of a slice of bread. Love your posts and humor! Grace and peace.

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