Weapons to Help you Fight the Battle of the Bulge!

Scale Do you battle trying to keep your weight at a healthy level? If the answer is YES you are not alone.

My efforts to stay healthy and fully alive is much like a battle. The battle is never over but the change in my life came when I decided to fight instead of surrender.

Here are some weapons that have helped me fight the battle of the bulge.

A plan of “action”

A plan of “action” is essential to progress in any endeavor. A plan of “action” differs from an ordinary plan in that it includes action that will be implemented immediately.  Your plan should include what you will do today. That’s why it’s called a plan of “action.”

The rest of the plan can be developed as you proceed but it critical to start moving today.  Any plan is worthless until you make the first move.  Remember, a  body in motion tends to stay in motion, a body at rest tends to rest in peace.

Strategic “technical” support

Do you wonder how to keep track of calories you eat, how to measure the calories you burn and how to see measurable progress?

Theres an app for that.  Actually there are hundreds of apps for that.  This is what I use.

“MyFitnessPal.com”  This app This app is free, easy to use and very accurate.   It keeps track of calories eaten and calories burned.  It allows you to set goals and then track your progress toward those goals.

My favorite feature is the ability to scan the bar code on any packaged food and get a readout of calories per serving which you can instantly record for the day.  You also can create your own recipes for meals you eat often.  Name the meal, enter the ingredients and from then on it’s one click to enter the whole meal.   Works great on iphone and ipad.

A combat squad

This is a supportive group that will watch your backside, literally!  They will hold you accountable to your goals and encourage you to continue toward victory.

My wife Diane has found Weight Watchers to be extremely helpful. Of all the weight loss programs I have tried, they are the most realistic and most supportive.  The only reason I don’t attend now is because my travel schedule makes it impossible.  These folks understand the difference between a lifestyle change and fad diets.

Diets don’t work!  Realistic lifestyle changes that can be maintained for a lifetime are the key to continued health.

My friends, are my inspiration. But I am still searching for a combat squad I can connect with on a regular basis. I am convinced that it was the lack of this kind of ground support that led to my slip over the holiday season.

I have listed some other helpful weapons below.  If you don’t like these weapons keep looking till you find help.  You can’t go into battle naked.  It’s just not right!

Please comment.   I would love to hear what weapons have been helpful for you.


Fitday.com  If you are really into tracking all the details of nutrition this is an excellent program.
Livestrong.com  Find calories for about anything you eat at chain restaurant. Unless it’s cat food!
This program is expensive and takes some time to learn, but it will help you develop a very accurate assessment of your metabolism, how many calories you burn each day, and provide an easy- to-read record of your complete nutritional intake.  Telephone coaching is offered early in the program and is invaluable for learning how to use the system. It does require that you wear an armband daily. It does not track calories burned while biking, but this can be entered manually.