You’re are NOT too old. You’re just Ripe!

It was only a few years ago that I dragged a lame excuse out of the closet to help me avoid getting involved in living again.  “I’m too old,” too old to take an art class, too old to exercise, to old to seek new adventures.  I used it even as I watched other people hobbling around on the same lame excuse when they could have been living.  Physical challenges certainly can affect how we do something or how fast we do something but rarely can age alone keep us from the simple joys of life.

In a previous post I told you about coming in dead last in the Tenderfoot Dualathlon race I entered in Colorado.  Let me introduce you to a guy who beat me.  John is 78 years young.  John did the entire triathlon!  He doesn’t swim like Michael Phelps, run like Emmit Smith or ride a bike like the Tour de France guys, but like the energizer bunny he just keeps going….  right past me!

If you no longer have to put up  with smooth skin, and pain free joints, and an insatiable desire to “LOOK good, if you have those lines in your face and gray hairs on your head that signify wisdom and experience. If you have no hair on you head at all, then welcome to a wonderful club.

You are now in a position to live, instead of make a living.  You are perfectly set up to share your rich source of life experience.  Embrace life whatever your circumstance.  Play the hand you now hold to maximum effect. You no longer face the disadvantages, of inexperience, uncertainty or good looks.  Your not TOO old.  You’re just RIPE!

Let me hear from some of you who are skating full speed on golden pond!  Encourage us! Encourage me!