A Search For Your First Conscious Memory Might Reveal Your Life!

Kenny Davis way back when...

Not exactly an Ipod

The other day a friend asked if I could recall my very first memory. I thought it was losing my teeth, but Diane reminded me that happened just last year.

The search became quite an interesting quest.  When you open doors to the past, you often find yourself in rooms with other doors slightly ajar.  Those doors lead to other rooms and older memories. Many wondrous and some magical moments are uncovered until finally you are at the last door.

When that door creaked open for me, I was standing beside a large radio.  I’m talking large! This thing was a piece of furniture, the size of a desk that also contained an LP record player.

My mind repainted the picture as if it were yesterday. There I stood all chubby, diaper hangin low,  listening to some ancient comedy show.  When the audience laughed and applauded I would scream with delight.  I loved it.  My screaming got me in big trouble that day.  Perhaps that is why the memory is so vivid.

Fascinating that I worked to hear that laughter all my life, and I have been in trouble all my life.

I would love to hear your comments about your first conscious memory. You might have to open some doors to find it, but for me it was worth it.

I have decided to share this experience in my next book and in my new theater release, “Fully Alive.”  People might enjoy hearing your first memory as well!