I Need Some Patience Fruit!

After a thousand miles of flying today, I am sitting at the gate where they just announced another delay in my flight and I think I may be in need of some serious prayer.  In Galatians I read that patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit. There were other fruits like kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. I have no problem with those fruits but my airline experiences have made me think I might be a little short on patience fruit.

I looked up patience in a Bible dictionary. This is what it said – of course I have added my comments.

“Patience is the ability to take a great deal of punishment from evil people (airline personnel? ) or circumstances (like delayed flights), without losing one’s temper, without becoming irritated and angry, or without taking vengeance (I think this has to do with jumping the counter and choking someone). It includes the capacity to bear pain (like the middle seat in row thirty five), or trials (like no food), without complaint, the ability to forbear under severe provocation (like a TSA pat down), and the self-control which keeps one from acting rashly (like taking off all ones clothes and throwing a tantrum), even though suffering opposition or adversity (like being handcuffed and led to a small interrogation room).

So as I sit here I realize I desperately need more of the patience fruit.  What I am facing today is nothing compared to the trials so many are facing.

Good leaders, good parents, good neighbors, and good friends are people of patience. Pray for me……..  I want to be better.  I need some fruit.

Am I the only one who needs more patience?