Would You Get On A Boat With This Man??

When my friend Randy Elrod, artist, musician, author, connoisseur and host of the annual Recreate Conference invited me to accompany him on a Caribbean cruise for creative Christians, (If God created YOU then you are creative)  I answered YES before he could finish the sentence.

When he invited me to be one of the speakers along with my friends Michael Hyatt and Pete Wilson, I started packing.  Okay, I had Diane start packing.

When he told me I could bring friends,  I put on my scuba gear and wrote this blog for YOU!
Think of it:

* Five days on a cruise ship with a bunch of fun loving friends
* Access to creative speakers, comedy and music
Michael Hyatt will speak on “The Creative Life: How We Work”
Pete Wilson will speak on “The Creative Life: How We Worship”
Ken Davis (that’s me) will speak on “The Creative Life: How we enjoy”
* Enjoy the amenities of the awesome cruise ship, Celebrity Century at your leisure.

If you would like to join the “fun,” put on a smile and a swimsuit and click here to register. You only need $150 dollars to hold your registration and it won’t be the same without you.

So come on! Join Diane and me.

Everyone who registers here will receive a free copy of  my book “Secrets of Dynamic Communication” and a free DVD of my life changing presentation “Fully Alive”

The cruise is scheduled for April 2–7, 2011 aboard the Celebrity Century, which is one of the best cruise ships in the world. We will be departing from Miami and stopping at Ocho Rios, Jamaica and George Town, Grand Cayman. Warm breezes, exquisite food, and a chance to just relax. Just watch this video to get a taste of what this experience will be like.

Leave the cold of winter behind, hang out with other creatives, and celebrate the Master Creator.
Who is this cruise for? If you fall into one or more of the following categories, this cruise is for you:
*Anyone who wants to experience a beautiful yet affordable getaway, whether you are creative or not;
*Those who are professional creatives—authors, recording artists, graphic artists, dramatists, bloggers, etc.;
*Those who are not “all wet” but want to be
*Those who want to be more creative, though perhaps not as a professional; or
*Those who are in vocational ministry—pastors, worship leaders, arts pastors, etc.
*Those who are breathing but want to breathe warmer air

How much does it cost? The entry price is only $749 per person. That price includes all taxes, tips, and the conference fee itself. (Note: your travel to Miami is not included in this price.)

All of the speakers—me included—have waived our speaking fees. One hundred percent of the conference fee ($99 of the $749) will go to benefit Kalein, a retreat center that Randy founded to inspire and mentor Christian artists.

Remember, to qualify for the free “Secrets of Dynamic Communication” book and “Fully Alive” DVD you must register here. This will also ensure the best price and a berth on this “creative voyage.” You can register with only a $150 deposit.

A few reasons to cruise with us –

Food – Fun – Sun – Beach – Food – Warmth – Cabin – Pool – Food – Friends – Music – Romance – Food – Speakers – Comedy – Food – Food – Food – Food –

Can you think of a few more?


    1. Yes, Spence, I totally agree. The mask is a must.

      Seriously, thanks so much for supporting artists and leaders by supporting the dream that has become a reality called Kalein.

  1. I can’t believe a “Christian Cruise” would emphasize the alcohol like this one. Almost every other picture emphasized it. I would think you would pick a line that did not serve alcohol.

    1. Ethel, Thank you for your comment and your concern. Here are some clarifying facts I hope will be helpful

      1. This is not a “Christian Cruise.” This is some great people who love Christ who are going on a cruise to enjoy the trip and learn to be more creative in reaching others for Him.
      2. There is no such thing as a cruise line that does not serve alcohol.
      3. The video was not produced by us. It was produced by the Cruise line. We wanted to show you this beautiful boat. I am sorry that all you saw was the alcohol.
      4. There are some wonderful Christians and Christian leaders past and present who use alcohol on occasion. Our Lord actually made wine at a wedding.

      I digress, My intent is not to convince you one way or the other. I really do appreciate your concern and your comment. But wanted to help you understand the situation. As you know alcohol is everywhere you go. My guess is that you occasionally eat in restaurants that serve alcohol. You simply choose not to order any.
      We are going on a this cruise to learn how to more creatively live for Christ and show his love to others. Anyone who attends and apposes the use of alcohol is free to choose not to do so, just as you would in a restaurant or at a sporting event. I hope that someday I can meet you. Pray for a successful cruise.

  2. Ken –
    LOVE THE MASK! The company will be amazing and every part of the boat looks spectacular! Definitely will be a week to remember!

  3. Yes, I would but I can’t. Seriously. I mean to be among creative people, and Randy AND you. I mean I’ve let a lot of my friends watch you and they couldn’t breath anymore, they had to laugh so loud.

    I don’t need to say “have fun” cause you all will. I have no doubt you will keep the mask on.

  4. Did you reserve the snorkeling gear for dinner with the captain? What a hoot. // It was so great to meet you … still chewing and chewing and chewing on all the goodness of those five days. What a bon voyage. Thank you!

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