Get Off the Treadmill, Out of the Rat Race and Live again!

treadmillHenry lay on his side, exhausted, a short distance from the
 mill. Only the rasping sound of his labored breathing broke the still morning air.
From somewhere within Henry could recall the rush of adrenaline that had once accompanied his first energetic steps toward the finish line he assumed lay ahead of him.

He couldn’t remember when he had started running, worse yet…

Living Outside the Box Returns: Doing It When You Don’t Feel Like It

secret to living fully alive

Rise up and Walk, Run, Live!

Three years ago I wrote a post entitled “Living Outside the Box. Doin it When You Don’t Feel Like It.”

The comments on that post inspired hundreds of people, me included.  Many of you are new to this site and I would love to get your input.  Based on the response last time, your comments will brighten the day of more people than you can imagine.  Enjoy, and please leave a comment.  

7 Encouraging Tips for Running the Race of Life!

iStock_000003259403LargeThis true story appears in my book Fully Alive and has been an inspiration to me for years. 

Dave Veerman, a vice president with The Livingstone Corporation in Chicago, once lived in Covington, Louisiana. He’d been training for a marathon run across the world’s longest bridge over water, a twenty-four-mile structure spanning Lake Pontchartrain. Dave thought he was in good shape, but on the day of the race a strong wind blowing directly in the face of the runners put his endurance to the test.

How do You Know You’re Alive?

father rotate daughter vectorHave you ever laid in bed at night when there is no one to impress or no reason to hide your feelings?  Have you ever asked yourself, “Am just going through the motions or am I really living fully alive?”   

It’s an important question because it is directly tied to the fulfillment and joy we get from life.  This post might help you pinch yourself to see the true condition of you life.  It’s a pinch I need every day.  

Three Steps to Putting Off Procrastination

Do it now

Tuesday’s post identified fatigue as one of the enemies that keep us from living “Fully Alive.”

Procrastination is another enemy that seeks to keep us from doing life.  If you have ever been frustrated because the things you really want to do never seem to get done this post may be the powder that ignites the fuse to help you finish projects and realize your dreams. 

Here are three steps to preventing procrastination from stealing power from your life.