He’s Alive!

Hi friends! It’s Lighten Up Monday!

Recently I did a post on the Nine Nasties. I forgot to tell you about someone I met in a department store who had never done any of them. He’d never done anything .

This clip taken from God Wants Your Body. For more info or to purchase click here.

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  • justin

    clicking on the video, it says its private. cant watch

  • sillypoet

    No can see Ken! :(

  • Vicki B

    Not sure I can make it through this Monday with out a Lighten Up Monday video, Ken! Hope it is fixed soon :) Thank you for always sharing good humor with us!

  • Kevin Weaver

    I used to enjoy your monday clip, but since you started this blog, it says that the video is private. What am I doing wrong?


  • Sally Beautte Walton

    Ditto to the others. It is marked as private.

  • Wendy Claussen

    Love this story, Ken. My dad had something similar happen to him in J.C. Penney back in the 70’s. He was standing waiting for my mom while she shopped and a lady came up to him and started feeling his jacket because she thought he was a manikin. After about a minute of this stroking his arms and back, he couldn’t contain his laughter anymore and busted out with a loud chortle. The lady about fell over from a heart attack. :-) Thanks for sharing this so I could remember a great story about my dad who went to be with Jesus in August!