VIDEO: The Cow Story from Under the Influence

It’s Lighten Up Monday! Time for a smile or two to start the week. Question: What happens when you mix grandchildren, a 2000 lb cow, and a drive across Kansas in the middle of the night?  Answer: A miracle!

Today’s Clip taken From:
Under The Influence (DVD) by Ken Davis

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Cow Story from Under the Influence

  1. We took a young girl out to Timberline Lodge and had to go all the was through Kansas. So this really brings back the memory. On the way back to Indiana we drive through Nebraska — same difference – nothing there either!! 🙂

  2. It’s funny to think we’ve driven this drive 3-4 times a year and don’t
    think anything about it but this is so true!!! There’s are reason
    everyone is FROM Kansas! LOL