Heads Up! I’m Recharging!

1-TreeI have been privileged to experience 45 years of public speaking, writing, and training speakers from all over the world.

I am blessed to wake up each morning and find invitations that allow me to continue doing what I have enjoyed doing for the last 4 decades.

So what in the world am I going to do next?


For the next month I am going to take time to restore my body and soul. No blogging or Facebook posts. No being groped by TSA personnel, or scrambling to re-book a delayed or canceled flight. I will be tucked away in the mountains of Colorado spending quality time with my family and friends.

I will be hiking 14,000 foot mountains, camping under the stars, and hunting elusive elk with a sharp stick. This is how I recharge my batteries. Other than sending an occasional picture of this amazing country I will be totally off the grid.

I am not doing this because I don’t like what I do. I am doing it because I love what I do. In many ways my ability to continue to write and speak and teach depends on giving this body and brain a much-needed rest.

I will also use this time to be still (not easy for me) and seek the presence of God. At the end of September I will return fired up and ready for what lies ahead. I promise to give you a report on what I have seen and learned and share with you the direction God is taking me.

Please know that my team will be monitoring my Facebook, e-mail, and Internet sites and will jump in to assist those who need information.

I look forward to touching base again this fall. Until then I will be sleeping a mile closer to the moon seeking to recharge physically, mentally and spiritually so I can be a better friend, leader and mentor when I return.

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  1. Good for you! Everyone needs to take time….even if it isjust for a day. Enjoy life.

  2. Amen to that brother!! Can’t believe you didn’t ask me to join you. 🙂 Well of course then you would need to know who I am. Have a great refresher.

  3. Good for you, Ken! Showing men that having margin in one’s life for R&R is wonderful for them as well as for their family and career.

  4. You couldn’t pick a better place to re-charge! Hope your time is blessed ~

  5. What a good example to set of being wise enough to take a vacation to recharge and connect with your family. Families are often the ones neglected by those who have jobs in ministry so it is great to see you putting you and your family in the priority list. May God bless your time together as a family and your alone time with Him.
    I am thinking that time in the mountains of Colorado sounds heavenly!! We are back to homeschooling and the school has made so many changes to records we have to keep that it is becoming a nightmare. I am already ready for that quite time break. For now it will just be my prayer closet to get us through.

  6. God Bless You Bro Ken ! ! ! Guide you , protect you and strengthen and bring u bk safely refreshed and rare in to go. Always with love in Our Wonderful Savior

  7. thank you, Mr Davis, for the candid sharing of your faith walk with Jesus. Come ye apart and rest awhile….in the mountains of Colorado. Return refreshed, fully alive and refilled to continue in this ministry that touches the lives of so many people. God bless you staX

  8. God bless you and your family, Ken. Thank you for all the many ways you have touched the lives of so many of us each and every day. Looking forward to September. Enjoy your vacation!

  9. A well-deserved rest! Praying that God will bless your time with family & friends, and especially your time spent with Him!

  10. God bless you as you rest and recharge, Ken! Enjoy your time in beautiful Colorado!

    A future professional speaker,
    (And one who loves your resources!)

    Jim Smith
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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