The Art and Business of Public Speaking Podcast

DCI Podcast Cover Art 6c Final
After months of planning and preparation, I’m thrilled to announce that my new podcast, The Art and Business of Public Speaking, is live!

I created this podcast as an extension of the principals I teach at our SCORRE™ and Launch Conferences. In each episode we cover a wide range of topics all related to the Art and Business of Public Speaking. 

Tune in to the first episode by clicking here – I’d love to know what you think! [reminder]


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  2. You have a dynamic podcast for communicators! I consistently recommend my coaching clients to check in with your podcast.

    From my coaching practice and from my own 18 years as a public speaker I just put my book on Amazon in ‘stealth launch’ mode. The book hasn’t even officially launched yet and already it has become a #1 New Release in several categories. It launches with FREE Kindle downloads from Sunday, June 2nd – Tuesday, June 4th. Until then, the book is heavily discounted both in Print and Kindle version.

    Would it help you to have another experienced speaker and coach be a guest on your podcast?

    Would love to help you and even create a free product for your listeners. It would be an honor to invest in your audience.
    This would also allow me the opportunity to mention my book so that more people have the opportunity to benefit from it.

    Let me know what would be helpful and I can put something together for them.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing back from you,

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  4. I understand everything from this podcast except for one thing… Where can I initially get the finances to organize my business speeches?

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