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I spoke these words at a staff meeting. “I want to do a contest for my most faithful fans and give the winner…

  • A trip to Nashville, 
  • Dinner at a nice restaurant with Diane and me, 
  • A night at the Opryland Hotel, and  
  • A treasure chest of every product I have ever developed.

“I want to make the contest mysterious and outrageously fun” I exclaimed. My team sat stunned. Finally someone said, “Are you out of your mind?” 


If you have followed me for years, or if you just want the fun of a challenge, here’s how you can gain a chance to win all of above and give us the privilege of enjoying an evening with you!

With the purchase of our new DVD*, Ken Davis Unearthed, and the completion of the following steps, you will automatically be entered to win:

  1. Watch Ken Davis Unearthed carefully. Planted throughout the DVD are clues to past routines I have done, stories I have told, and jokes I have used throughout the years.
  2. Spot as many clues as you can. Match each one to the appropriate piece of material in past routines.
  3. Reference the story, comedy bit, or joke the clue is connected to – you don’t have to name the specific DVD. You may even be able to spot something we missed! Example: The spider on my shoulder relates to a comedy bit I did on how much I hate spiders. The comedy bit it correlates with is “If I have a chainsaw in one hand and a spider on the other…. the hand is going to go!”
  4. With the purchase of the DVD: Forward your order confirmation via email along with your list of matches, name and telephone number to [email protected].
  5. Without the purchase of the DVD: Mail your list of matches along with your name, and telephone number to Ken Davis Productions, 105 SE Pkwy, Ste 107, Franklin, TN 37064.
  6. Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

The person who can spot the most clues and match them to the right stories will win the contest outright. Should there be a tie a name will be drawn to determine the winner.

Hurry! the contest will end at 12:00am Central Time on February 15th and the winner will be announced in March. Dates for the trip will be coordinated with the winner and me, Ken Davis. I will then coordinate with the CEO of the universe, my wife Diane.


Unearthed DVD

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*No purchase necessary to enter or to win. Click here to read the full terms and conditions. *Contest winner must live within the continental US. 


  1. Hey Ken what gives? According to the full terms and conditions the winner was going to be contacted early in January 2015 and at the very latest, by January 11, of 2016. Then it goes on to say that winners would be chosen in February 2016. This is supposed to be something funny, right? That’s what I’m guessing. I don’t think I can enter the contest at this point because I’m confused, but I did want to let you know you need a new secretary. Love you Ken. You’re way funny.

  2. Ken, from the first time I got to hear you on christian radio I thought you were great. My wife and I both like to listen to you and we buy your dvd’s and invite our friends over to watch you. Thank you for good, clean material you can laugh at. Pat and Middy Kelly, Washington, In.
    ps. we did watch you the night you came to Indiana.

  3. Just wanted to say, I think this is great. I ordered mine–because as a true fan of course I want the DVD and to add an opportunity to spend an evening with you and Diane–Well even better.

  4. I have tried every button on this page and cannot find the entry into the contest. Help. I actually already own all the tapes; but, would love to sit with you and Diane for dinner. To tell you what you have meant to me. The first time I heard you was at First Baptist Church in Orlando, FL. I remember there was a love donation. I was a little afraid that the money would not reach your hands, so I wrote a check made out to you personally–placed it inside a copy of a book of poems I had published and waited in the long line of people wanting autographs so I could hand it to you. That was several years ago–then I bought all your tapes. I have been to SCORRE and to LAUNCH with you–don’t know if you even remember me. I took notes as I watched unearthed and need just to know where to send my entry to. Oh, by the way–I loved the tape and it reminded so much of the Ken I first came to love. It didn’t include my favorite–“It’s enough to make a Grown Man Cry”

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