20,000 Days and Counting!

Robert D Smith

I met Robert D Smith about five years ago.  He greeted me at the door as though I was a long lost friend.  I looked behind me to see if he might be talking to someone else.   He was talking to me.  We have been friends since that day.

Since high school Robert has worked full time to help his friend Andy Andrews craft an amazingly successful career.  I had admired his drive and creativity and had come to ask his advice. He held back nothing.  Robert enthusiastically showed us every aspect of his operation.  He even spoke at our LAUNCH conference, freely sharing the secrets of his success with others seeking to advance their ministry or career.   But it quickly became evident that Roberts real secret to success went far beyond brilliant marketing techniques.

it is his contagious enthusiasm bold faith and relentless positive spirit that bring his ideas to life.

Robert has just written a book 20,000 Days and Counting  that not only captures that spirit but offers us the opportunity to adapt the same strategy for our own life.

If you can read fast, you can read this book in about an hour but you won’t want to.  You will want to fill the margins with notes and immediately plan to practice these brilliant ideas starting the second you put the book down.

If you want a no-frills, dynamite message that will leave you reeling in anticipation on how to make the remaining hours of your life count “20,000 Days and Counting” is the book.  I read the original manuscript and it was a life changer for me.  If you want to live every day to the fullest, squeeze out of life all the adventure and joy it has to offer, “20,000 Days and Counting” is a must read.  I ordered a box of these to give to family and friends. Get your copy here.  This is a great way to start this New Year.

I live to bring joy and life to the people around me.  It is the reason I travel.  It is the reason I wrote “Fully Alive.”  It is the reason I want you to read “20,000 days and counting as soon as possible.

If I live as long as my father, I am at about 7000 days and counting.  But none of us have that guarantee.  Today might be my last day.  I want it to count.  How about you?


  1. I picked up a copy Ken! I met Robert at one of your weekly get-togethers while you and Diane were out of town! He told me my smile and story didn’t match, gave me his contact info, and let me bounce some ideas off him when I was getting started… I have appreciated his wisdom and insight ever since. Super excited to read this book! =)

    1. Enjoy the book Erica. I am still laughing over Jordans response to “Keep your tongue from evil.

  2. I’m excited to read this book. I heard about it first via Andy Andrews’ podcast and picked up a copy.

    Also, I just wrote a review of your book, Fully Alive, over the weekend. Fantastic!! Thank you.

      1. Indeed! I’m halfway through it and can’t wait to finish on the bus ride home this afternoon. It’s a great complement to your book.

  3. Ken, I heard Andy and Robert discussing his new book on Andy’s podcast and was really intrigued. After reading your post I’m convinced it is a read for me.
    Thanks, Tim

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