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People From Michigan

It’s Lighten Up Monday and the people I describe in this clip have done a lot to lighten up my life.  People learn the goofiest ways to describe where they live.  If you are from one of the states I mention, remember to keep your sense of humor as you watch this. I often make fun of my own state …

The Solution to Children Fighting in the Car!

Good morning friends! It’s Lighten Up Monday! Have you ever experienced the “thrill” of children doing combat in the back seat while you try to navigate traffic? At the end of this video is a solution you might want to try. [youtube id=”8Ps9MmzHh8U”] I asked a counselor why kids fight in the back seat of a car. Without pausing he …

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The Rabbit and The Hound!

Good morning friends.  It’s lighten up Monday.  This OLD story still makes me laugh. I hope it gives you a jump start for this week. [youtube id=”Z3y-SEETPv8″] This clip taken from I’m Not Ok. For more info or to purchase, click here.

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Are You Beating on the Wrong Door?

It’s Lighten Up Monday!  Time to lighten up and live!  How many times have you found yourself beating on some door of opportunity that seems like the only option available, only to discover that while you were preoccupied with that one door, another door of opportunity was open behind you?  Look around you!  You may find another door you never …

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I Never Get Angry. I Get Even!

It’s Lighten Up Monday!  You  might need to lighten up if you stayed in a hotel last night with some adventurous teenagers.  Several week ago I posted Teenage Hotel Horror. This is a follow up to that post.  Payback is SOOOOOOOO sweet! [youtube id=”QZSxO0zBuQw”] Have a great Monday!