Southern Gospel Singers

What day is this? Yep! It’s Lighten up Monday. This is one of my favorite comedy bits and real life stories. Do not watch this clip while drinking coffee or operating heavy machinery. I hope you have a spectacular and blessed week.
[youtube id=”XtwMFlfxDpk”] This clip taken from Get ’em While They’re Hot. For more info or to purchase, click here.


  1. Very funny reminds of the time I bought the newest very expensive electric shaver (an epilator). Not for the faint of heart. As it suggested, I didn’t shave for a week then I sat down to use. First touch on my leg, tears came into my eyes and I became paralyzed. I turned it off, but it was attached to my leg. Ultimately I had to get very thin scissors to remove it from my leg. I tried to take it back to the store and guess what? Not refundable. I considered waiting and giving it as a gift to someone; but, there was no one I was that angry with, so I threw it in the trash.

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