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Two Gifts that Keep On Giving

You will not believe this amazingly talented eleven year old boy playing a medley of Christmas songs on the guitar. I know! Its not Christmas! You still have to see this to believe it. The development of this boy’s talent was only possible because of two gifts he received. You have the power to give the same two gifts to …

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Help Us Make this Blog Better: A Fun Survey!

Please help me make my blog posts more enjoyable and relevant. This survey will only take a few minutes to fill out, and I tried to make it fun. Your response is totally anonymous and your response will be invaluable. You WILL NOT be graded on your answers.  Have fun! Click here to take the survey.

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Waht Azamnig Bairns We Hvae

Confession time!  I am partly dyslexic and “off the charts” ADHD. On top of that I sometimes have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast. Yet I never cease to marvel at the complexity and beauty of the human brain. I read the following post without hesitation.  How about you?

Lest we forget

This is a watercolor I painted of a hero. This is a man who survived one of the most brutal events in history. The Bataan Death March.  This is a man who spent 3 1/2 years in a Japanese Prison Camp. This is a man who weighed 85 lbs when he was finally released. He had malaria, dysentery, and could …

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Maybe Tomorrow will be a Better Day

This is a watercolor I painted of my granddaughter Kialee almost a decade ago.   I took this picture of her just after she had been told that swimming was over for the day and later tried to capture her sad little face in this painting.  I remember trying to comfort her as I held her in my arms and …