Live Like a Dog

IMG_4528A dog is a man’s best friend. If you don’t believe this, put your dog and your friend in the trunk of the car for an hour.

When you open the trunk, who is really happy to see you!

C.S. Lewis, who loved dogs, once stated that dogs give us a hint of what true worship should be like. Think of it. When a dog is not with its master it is miserable and gets into all kinds of trouble, yet he is filled with ecstatic joy when in the master’s presence.

  • A dog is obedient.
  • A good dog is constantly looking to you for direction and giddy with the opportunity to please you.

That’s the difference between dogs and cats.

I tell my cat to “Sic ’em” and I get nothing but a blank stare or that condescending look that screams “Are you out of your mind?”

I tell my dog to “Sic ’em” and he will take off not even knowing what it is he’s suppose to “Sic.” Often he heads in the direction of the cat. A dog’s attitude is one of service and worship. “You pet me, you feed me, you put a roof over my head… You must be God!”

A cat’s attitude is rebellious and independent. “You pet me, you feed me, you put a roof over my head… I must be God.”

mad cat

Yep, I think we need to be a little more like dogs.

Okay, now it’s time to hear from my cat loving friends.[reminder]


  1. Yes Ken, cats are like God. E.g. My cat will always seek me out, he demands regular worship and if he doesn’t get, keeps coming back. He expects me to keep myself working so he leaves me to it. Everything in the house has to pass his scrutiny.
    I could go on but you get the idea.

  2. Ken,
    My cat is more the worshipping kind. She greets me at the door and purrs loudly. Not unlike myself, in listening to commands she’s attentive and eager, but doesn’t quite decipher exactly what I am asking of her.

  3. What really cracks me up is that what you say about dog applies to our cat and what you say about cats applies to our dogs. Go figure!

  4. Ken,
    That was great! I have thought that for years but everyone I told thought I was crazy.
    Bless you for sharing.

  5. Ken, I have a cat. As a family we had both. What you said is very true – many of my friends have small dogs and they are devoted to one another. The fact of the matter is I enjoy both because their personalities are so distinct and interesting. It’s like children in one family – no two are alike. I do agree with you but the fact that they are so very different is what keeps it interesting. By the way, my cat spends much time spleeping either beside me or across my legs. He thinks he owns me and probably does. Thanks for your dellightful sense of humor.

  6. On your video of the show you did, called “is it just me”, you made the best analogy about dogs and cats, when you said..”to a dog, you’re family….to a cat you’re staff” that statement couldn’t be more true

  7. You nailed our dog and cat perfectly! (Dog first cause every time my wife in frustration yells “CAAAAT!” the dog goes after the cat…good doggie). Also, I’ve used the “dog…you’re God, cat…I’m God” several times, but forgot where I heard it. Thanks for the reminder. I think one of my other favorites is still Dunkin Donuts.

  8. Love this, although my cat is different…to a point! Both she and my grand puppy run to greet me when I get home. My children used to do that as well, until they hit their teen years. My cat comes to comfort me when I cry. Of course, when she gets enough if it, she lovingly nips me on my lip to try to stop me. Doesn’t draw blood! Just enough to surprise me. She waits patiently for food, unlike most other cats, though I have to admit that I’m not quite sure about the way she stares at me until I do feed her. Often wonder what she thinks. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know. She’s not a lap cat. You’d think that would make her seem unfriendly, but at bedtime it’s a different story. She likes to snuggle into my pillow. By my head. Um, with her butt towards my face. But I do make sure I tuck her tail under her, um, derrière! Hmm..I wanted this comment to refute your theory, but I guess I kind of reinforced it, didn’t I? Lol! Well, I guess dogs and cats are like children. Different personalities, different ways of showing affection, but you love them just the same! Thankful God loves His children in spite of our quirks

    1. The butt in the face thing made me laugh out loud. Every car we ever owned did that. Thank you for your comment. U made my day AND proved my point. (-;

  9. You stole my joke and about the dog and the spouse in the trunk. I will Expect a check in the mail soon!

  10. We have cats and dogs. Two cats inside, one belongs to our son that we helped while he had apartment issues and one we rescued. Both love us, in their own way and both are very demanding, in their own ways. Yes they do believe they are gods! We have two dogs, one is a rescue Chihuahua, smaller than the cats but he rules over them. The other is a red nosed Staffer-shire Pitt, our other son’s big baby, the Chihuahua thinks he rules over her. The first lesson in life for a child to learn love, is to know the love of a dear pet. Either barking or meowing ones, they all want loved and sometimes give the best love without conditions. Just like God, he gives unconditional love always.

  11. I agree cats are dumb, we had one that we gave to a friend and all that stupid cat does is lay around, he’s fat and he scowls @ anyone (other than them) if you try to touch him

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