Mom’s Night Out!

Mom’s Night Out definitely goes down as one of the top three comedies I have ever seen.  This hilarious movie was directed by The Erwin Brothers who also filmed and directed my movie Fully Alive.
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Provident is the same company that made the family friendly films, Courageous and Fireproof which were good movies. . .  but this movie tops them all.  Here’s Why!

1.  It is outrageously funny.

I am very critical of poor attempts at humor.  The night we attended Moms Night Out, the theater was filled with women and men who literally convulsed in laughter throughout the movie.  Mom’s Night Out had me laughing so hard I embarrassed my wife.  I watched a child of about seven wipe tears of laughter from his eyes. That’s good comedy!

2.  The acting is superb.

The best storyline in the world crashes in flames with bad acting.   Patricia Heaton,  Sarah Drew, Trace Atkins, and a superb cast of characters never even tempt you to think of the acting.  They just sweep you up in a chaotic experience that is a reality for that strain of humanity called parents.

3.  The story carries a great message.

Unlike so many faith based films that use snippets of preachy dialog to convey the message, the makers of this movie must have assumed that an intelligent audience would get it.  And they did!  I even got it!  I teared up during this movie.  No one knew it because I covered it by blowing my nose.

I guarantee every parent and every person who had a parent or knows a parent will come away from this movie with a new respect for anyone who fulfills that job description.  And a lot of moms and dad’s will walk away encouraged about their role as parents.

4.  The film has a happy ending.

I am certain this will outrage some critics, but I am sick of going to movies that end with 200 bodies strewn across the landscape while evil walks free to return in a sequel with just as much hopelessness.  True, not all of life on this earth has a happy ending, and the movie makes that clear. But every once in a while we need to be reminded that joy can be found even in the midst of chaos and there is hope. Mom’s Night Out delivers that message with laughter, tears and first class production.

If you like laughter and encouragement and great movies, here are three things you can do.

1. Check out the trailer below – multiply by 100 and that’s the movie.

2. Call a herd of your parent friends and plan to see the movie together.

3. If you don’t like the film call HPA  Humorless People Anonymous” at this number…..   000 000 0011  It’s not a working number but it will make you feel better.

I just laughed out loud again watching the taser scene in this trailer.
[youtube id=”Leb6Vnhbp1A”]


  1. Never even heard of it until today, I already have some girlfriend moms in mind and can’t wait to see it!!!

  2. Oh, I can see this in reality. Here’s a story for you to share. Not true to my knowledge, but it makes sense. A man came home.from work.ome day to find his children still in their pj’s outside playing in a mud puddle. As he enters the house, cereal, dog food and dirty laundry is scattered everywhere, a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk mixed in for good measure.(The dog is covered in some indescribable green gunk and it appears he’s frothing at the mouth )he ate laundry detergent ), and the washing machine is spewing out suds as it dances acrossthe floor. The man is frantically callng out his wife’s name as he tries to navigate the stairs which are coverred with toys, syrup, and dirty clothes. When he enters the bedroom, he finds his wife in bed reading a book. He asks her if she’s okayband she says she is. Then he asks here what happened here. She answers, “Honey, you know when you come home from work and ask me what I did all day? Well, today, I didn’t do it!”
    And that’s why Mom’s need a Momhr’s night out now and then, or a girl’s day out when the kids are in school, or a retired woman (me) needs a little time to hang out with a girlfriend and shop at Goodwill,go out for lunch, check out her favorite woman’s consignment store, and check out sales at WalMart. My hubby and I go to WalMart quite often. I hate to admit that most of the cashiers know our names, if not our faces and some employees have asked us where to put misplaced merchandise and we can tell them. One of the employees has told us that we should apply for a security position at the store and I added, good idea, we’re there so often that no one would realize that that’s what we’re doing. Thank you for sharing the trailer from Mom’s Night Out. I think I’ll buy it. God Bless You Ken as you are a blessing to everyone you meet.

  3. The critics seem to hate this movie. But that’s because they just don’t get it. They are very offended by “traditional” families, and a movie that not only shows that, but actually celebrates it, well, you
    can bet they’ll do everything they can to destroy it. The only problem is, this movie is FANTASTIC! I predict it’s going to get an excellent word of mouth, and will end up being a huge success. The critics will be scratching their collective heads wondering how it did it. They are so out of touch with middle America it’s scary. So please ignore the naysayers, and see the movie for yourself. It is incredibly funny (especially if you’re a parent,) and heartwarming to boot. And be sure and stay through the credits — there’s a cute bonus scene at the end. And Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!

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