Distractions That Give You Traction!

Greetings from Alaska! I am supposed to be working on this ship. Each day I am required to make some kind of presentation. But I have wonderful distractions all around me. I realized that they are making me better. I am working better. I am happier! I am more excited about the responsibilities that await me when we return home! I am thrilled about keeping in touch with you!

The “distractions” I am facing here are of a very special kind. The kind that recharges my batteries, and rekindle my desire to live fully alive.

Being here certainly helps us experience wonder, beauty, awe, rest, peace, love, friendship and family. You don’t need to come to Alaska to find “distractions that give you traction,” although it certainly helps.

alaska collage.jpg

Watch for what God brings you right where you are. A Deer in the yard, a bug on the back porch, the laughter of a child, a moment of rest, time with the One who made it all.

I am honored to share what I am experiencing with you and hope that you will take advantage of the positive distractions in your life.

[reminder]What distractions give you traction?[/reminder]


      1. That thing at the end was suppose to look like this (-; instead of like someone sticking out their tongue. Spell check is evidently even messing with my punctuation pictures.

  1. Such an important message, Ken! I call the little blessings (distractions) within each day the God Show. How often we miss it. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Distractions to give you traction: Spending time with family, watching fireflies at night, watching someone close to you progress a step forward or overcoming an obsticle, going somewhere or doing something new, challenging yourself and meeting that challenge.

  3. I love these pictures….thanks for sharing. The kids are growing up so fast. Kylie is just a beautiful young woman and I can only imagine that Tracy looked just like that at that age! Please call us when you get home. We need to break bread together!

  4. There is probably nothing so soothing to me than true from the soul laughing… that distraction always gives me traction…. enjoy the trip…

    1. Pat, Those rare occasions when I laugh till I can’t breathe do the same for me. My son in law is one of the few people who can make me do it.

  5. Looks like you’re having a great time Ken. Enjoy the trip!

    One distraction that gives me traction is spending time with my family. Whether that’s with my wife, parents, siblings, etc. Spending time with them, I get lost and forget what’s going on around me. It also charges me up and refreshes me.

  6. Best distraction that accelerates my traction? Chasing my 7 & 5 year old from one end of the house to the deepest corner in the farthest back room where they can no longer get away and must succumb to being captured and tickled until we’re all laughing at each other laughing.

    1. I can almost see what you describe. I am a monster called the Claw. The final capture is the part the kids enjoy the most. Me too. Thanks for your delightful comment, CaLana

  7. My favorite distraction is being on the beach after midnight when the rest of this part of the world is asleep. This is a time for me to reflect on the day and I can talk to God out loud without someone wanting to lock me away in a mental institution. My other favorite, is first thing in the morning. The fresh air with my morning coffee while saying good morning to God and thanking Him for the beautiful art work that He has placed in the sky for everyone to see.

  8. Beautiful pics of your family and nature. My favorite distraction is looking into the crystal clear, sparkling blue eyes of my four grandchildren and seeing my mother who is in heaven, for they ALL have her eyes! One of my grandsons live with me at this time and he is seven years old. He loves to hug and play games. My kind of fun! I also have two pasture pets called horses and although I cannot ride at this time they bring me great joy and peace. Praise God!

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