How to Keep the Fireworks Going

shutterstock_141669865Tomorrow is the fourth of July. There will be parades, reunions, parties and picnics. But a single word defines the celebration of our independence…


The word fills hearts with anticipation. Every year our family tries to find an advantageous position where we can plant our lawn chairs, gather the family and watch. The program is always the same. A meek display of colorful crackling sparklers followed by a crescendo of spectacular, deafening explosions that end far to quickly.

Then, it’s over.

It really doesn’t have to end. Several years ago, friends doing a private fireworks show accidentally set off all of the big ones at once. That was one of the best shows I have ever seen. My friends loaded what remained of their fireworks into a pickup truck where hours later, they re-ignited and blew up the truck. See! It doesn’t have to be over!

Why not provide a little fireworks every day for someone in our lives…

A compliment to a stranger.
An unexpected helping hand.
A call to an old friend.
A first step toward making someone’s dream come true.
A first step toward making your dream come true.

No one will pull up lawn chairs and you may not hear any gasps of awe, but you will brighten someones night.

Has anyone ever lit up your life with an act of kindness?

Personally, I wish my friends would do another private show. They can use my pickup truck.

Happy Fourth of July



  1. Brother Ken I so enjoy receiving and reading your blog posts. In short, you are hilarious! I hope it’s OK to share your stories with my two congregations.

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