Are you Fierce?

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    1. Randy, your comment is more profound than you know! Only the fierce have the power to be mild. Thanks for contributing to the conversation. Yes. You can be mild today…. but tomorrow….

    2. Thanks Ken.
      Tomorrow I shall launch myself from my perch and I will soar with the steely eyed fierceness of a true predator……
      Oh who I am kidding, I’ll “roll” out of bed tomorrow morning with every old bone in my body aching and creaking and I will stumble into the kitchen for my morning “prey”, but I will have true fierceness in my mind and in my heart Ken….yes I will !

  1. I went from mild to fierce–then to lukewarm. It’s time to get fierce again! Thank you for this perfectly-timed post.

  2. Ken – hey that beautiful eagle painting is now gracing our Sanctuary as a constant reminder to remain fierce in the fulfillment of my calling. Thanks again for that thoughtful gift!

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