Honesty and Faith

There are two characteristics I admire in people. One is honesty and the other is courageous faith in the midst of challenges of the heart. Sometimes honesty does not accompany declarations of faith because some people believe that honesty in the midst of difficult times is paramount to a lack of faith. However…

Faith is not the absence of doubt. Faith is moving forward in the presence of doubt.

Please take a moment to read the incredible blog post written by my beautiful friend, Michele Cushatt.  For Want of Beautiful. Michele is an example of honest faith. [reminder]


Michele Cushatt


  1. Michele,
    I am digging the new do!
    Just on the last bit of UNDONE.

    Thanks for this post so beautifully pinpointing the “ugly” lady in the mirror that also followed me around last year.
    We (Our Fathr, the word and me) kicked her butt!

    Love from Texas,

  2. Very encouraging! God has shown me so much in the midst of my trial, one thing he has brought to my attention is that I loved this world too much, and concentrated more on pleasing others rather than him. Since the disappearance of my daughter, Megan, in July, God has brought me closer to Him and I thank him so much for that! I will continue to praise him in this storm!

  3. Love Michele’s heart and her writing. “Undone” is compelling and inspiring. And yes, she is beautiful outside, and if her writing is any indication, inside as well.

  4. i posted on her blog directly. but thank you very much for sharing this on your site ken.

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