It’s All About Perspective


What you see in this picture depends totally on perspective!

Someone wrote “When I die, I want to die like my grandmother who died 
peacefully in her sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers riding in her car.” 
It’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it?

A few years ago I went on a cruise with my children and grandchildren. From my perspective it was a glorious week. My daughter had a different perspective.

She came home exhausted. I would see the children each day right after their naps when they were rested and filled with smiles. I was never there when they started whining and sniffling because they were tired. I did not have to negotiate to get them to go to sleep.

At the end of the day, I would collapse into my bed and be asleep in seconds. My daughter had to deal with dirty diapers, “I want a drink of water” and “There’s a monster under my bed, kill it.” My sleep was never interrupted by urgent requests to go “big girl potty.”

In an effort to be sensitive I gave my daughter this advice.

If the kids are giving you a headache, follow the instructions on the aspirin bottle: “Take two aspirin” and “Keep away from children”

When I regained consciousness I realized… It’s all about perspective!

My tendency to get my shorts in a knot during the rush of the holidays can often be squashed by a simple change of perspective. I will be surrounded by a loving family this Christmas. If it takes me an extra hour to get home because of last minute shoppers, I will still be surrounded by a loving family this Christmas. Many would love to sit in traffic for that privilege. The season is not about me. It’s about spreading the JOY made possible by the arrival of the Greatest Gift of All! A savior born in a manger!

That gift changes the perspective on everything!

[reminder]Has a shift in perspective ever changed your attitude?[/reminder]


  1. And how much more loving and compassionate our attitudes and actions will be when we view the situation from another’s perspective. That is yet another gift from the manager – an invitation to step into the perspective of others and see life as they do.

  2. Actually – my mom died peacefully in her sleep just a few months ago after 6 years of loosing more and more of her memory. I only had 7 weeks each summer to be with her because she lived in Germany. It was hard to watch that unable to do anything to make it better but I am thankful for all the time I was able to spend with her especially the last 15 days before she passed away suddenly and quietly in the night. – Last Christmas my husband of 22 years announced that he feels lonely and unappreciated in this family and needs some time out. This Christmas he lets me know that it is unrealistic to expect him to come back to us, or to make any effort to save our marriage and therefore has sought legal advise. I struggle to find or spread JOY although I know that Jesus is reason for season and He will be with me and will not forsake me not matter what. Still I sit here crying, asking again and again “WHY?” and “How do I get a different perspective on my/our situation?”

  3. Ken, maybe you could have helped out your daughter??? Just a suggestion.

    1. Gail, She had a husband and a family and a cabin of her own. I was not there when many of these little events happened. Thank you for another perspective.

  4. this is what Christmas is about – a Christ-centered Christmas
    jOe faddell, Cape Town, South Africa

  5. I know it is after Christmas, what can I say, I don’t get on much. I needed to read this. I have an autistic adult son and many have said, “God trusted you enough to bless you with this.” That definitely was not my perspective. My perspective has been, boy God really trusted my son to let me raise him. He too is a funny guy. Only other comment I have is….I too want to die in my sleep….if I ever get any. Keep me laughing please, it keeps oxygen going to my brain. Blessings.

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