Perception or Reality?


Look at the picture above. Your visual perception will tell you that square A and square B are different shades. Your perception is wrong!
Square A and B are exactly the same shade. I put this picture in photo shop cut out square A and B and laid them side by side. They were the same. Try it after you read this post.

We are not only capable of being mislead by our perceptions when viewing optical illusions. We also can be fooled when facing emotionally charged life situations. One reason having an anchor of absolute truth is so important is because our perceptions are so flawed.

When I perceive the world crumbling around me, I must rely on truth to know that it is not so. In a situation where the truth is not apparent it is imperative to search for that truth rather than relying on perception.

I was in the middle of my comedy show when a small group of people abruptly stood up and left the auditorium.  One of them gestured toward the stage, shouted as they all walked out. What had I said? How could they be so intolerant and rude?

After the show I discovered that my perception was really a deception. I perceived the people had been offended by something I had said and disrupted my show with their exit. The truth was something totally different. A woman had become ill and the family had left together to take her to the hospital. Her husband had shouted an apology as they stood to leave.

Only hearing the truth cleared up a wrong perception.

Do you perceive that you are totally alone? You are not.
Do you perceive that all hope is lost? It is not.
Do you think that no one cares? Someone does.
Do you feel that forgiveness is impossible? It is not

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) That’s the truth.

When have your perceptions fooled you?
When has the truth set you free?


Here is the picture with the two squares connected with the same shade they both share.  That’s the truth!



  1. It is when the obstacle casting the shadow is removed that the truth becomes obvious. Sometimes those “obstacles” appear attractive or we become too used to them. The light of Christ frees us.

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  3. This was amazing! First of all, I can’t imagine why those colors look so different and yet aren’t. Second, I was just mulling this concept over and wrote a blog post about how my perception seriously colored my reality. I guess I really needed to learn this lesson, Ken. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your welcome Kathleen! I love optical illusions however our perceptual illusions, particularly about ourselves can be life changers. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I have really enjoyed your blogs. Perception can be deceptive is a good life lesson and clarifies one should not jump to conclusions. Thank you for being such a gift from God.

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