Cyber Turkey Day!

Happy Cyber Turkey Day!

In November of 2016 I turned 70 and I had no idea what my team had in store for me. Watch the video clip below to learn more about how my team took me by surprise and put together a night of hilarious comedy with my friends, Bob Stromberg, Bill Gaither, John Branyan, Tim Hawkins, Daren Streblow and more.

[vimeo id=”244635058″] Click Here


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  1. Happy 71st Birthday, Ken Davis! Your wonderful humor has made many a Monday evening (after a Monday of work, of course) a delight! Thank you! ~Karen Rieger

  2. Sir
    The King ( Lord Jesus ) said to read your email and laugh at your MOST DELIGHTFULLY WONDERFUL VIDEOS! ( He told my friends and I to have Fun yesterday then your BEAUTIFUL email came and there must be a Very Wonderful Place in Heaven for someone as Wonderful as You and Your Beautiful Wife and Families!
    blessings Sir

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