How I got to know the man I never met


I had never met Danny Abbott. But then my friend Charles Robinson, author of The silent Voice of Creation, invited me to watch him perform a ceremonial dance of healing at a traditional Native American memorial for Danny. The ceremony was conducted on a beautiful day atop Vail Pass. Breathtaking vistas and a lush carpet of wild flowers stretched in every direction. Storms rumbled but held a respectful distance.

Initially, I was supposed to be an observer, an outsider, but after hearing of Danny Abbott’s life, I hoped I would be allowed to be part of the ceremony to honor his memory. Evidently Danny’s family does not recognize anyone as an outsider. His sons welcomed Diane and me with sincere warmth and grace, gave us a ceremonial feather and invited us to join them in the prayer circle made up of close friends and family.

I was overwhelmed by the simplicity and beauty of the ceremony. The prayers and testimonials of love that were offered on that mountain top introduced me to Danny Abbott. His courage, persistence and love have been passed on to his sons. I got a further glimpse into the character of their father by watching them.


In the beauty and grace of Danny’s granddaughters and in the confident dignity of his grandson I saw more of the man Danny Abbott was.

In the loving tribute given by his brother, I learned that Danny Abbott was much more than an all star athlete. He was a warrior for all the right causes.

This beautiful ceremony, played out in a balance of Native American tradition, personal faith and love that I will never forget.


To my friend Charles Robinson, thank you for inviting me.

To David and Sierra and the family of Danny Abbott, thank you for your gracious welcome. Thank you for allowing us to join you in the prayer circle to help honor your dad, brother and grandfather.
As you scattered Danny’s ashes in the wind, I wept and silently thanked God for the blessing of getting to know……… the man I never met.

What you do today is the legacy you will leave for tomorrow.


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