It’s Not About the Nail!

It’s Lighten Up Monday!  My friend Bob Shueman sent me this viral video.  I died laughing.   Bob said, “After 36 years of marriage I have learned ….listening is step one…then possibly ask the question…”Would you like some feedback?”…if the answer is “no” default to step one!”

Enjoy, “There’s a Nail in Your Head” by Jason Headley

[youtube id=”-4EDhdAHrOg”]

Next Monday I will share a “nail in the head” moment Diane and I had.   Now after 45 years we look back and laugh.  How about you?

If any of you men out there have all of this figured out……  Help us!



  1. I’m listening. If only you would go see your doctor Maybe she could give you a pill to help with your sleeping!

  2. The first time my Lady and I watched “The nail in The Head” we just about wet ourselves laughing. It is still very, very funny.

  3. I know a LOT of people I’d like to “share” this with. Unfortunately most of them are women.

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  5. I just saw “The Nail in The Head” for the first time. I am still hurting in my side from Laughing so hard! Guess I am late on this discussion but since I didn’t see any women posting I thought I would try to help. Smile. I guess all I can say is that Yes, God has a sense of humor. He put women and men together and said to become one and well, get along, but He knew us women would drive you guys nuts. I will say that I do actually want advise when I share something. Giggle. Keep trying guys!

    1. Oh, I did just share the video on Facebook. I just signed up with Disqus, but not sure how to follow you Ken. I’ll go back to their help and see. I hate I missed the Cyber Deal. I give your DVDs as gifts. Keep up the Great Work Ken, your a blessing to so many! God bless.

  6. Yes, I saw it too. I was driving to PA from MD and saw it. It seemed to be at the end of streaking then the very large fireball appeared to burst then disappeared (I was heading North and it was in the 10:00 position in the sky when I could see the large bright orange ball. It was midnight.

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