My First Standing Ovation

Happy Lighten Up Monday! Here’s a moment I will never forget: My first standing ovation. In that moment, I was on top of the word! And in the next moment… well, you’ll see in the video.

Today’s clip taken from A Twisted Mind.


  1. Love this one. My son can’t throw a football or a baseball because as you know his ceribral palsy doesn’t let him run or move very well. He lettered in forensics (growing up we called it speech). No big deal some people say until they are reminded that he only has one working vocal chords.

  2. always love seeing the the stuff Ken does directed at students, motivating young students in the right way has to be most pleasing to our LORD

  3. I almost spit my teeth out while watching this, because I was laughing so hard- and they aren’t removable!!

  4. Don’t know if I could ever go back, except for the fact that the school is totally changed from when I was there 35 yrs. ago! Thanks for this laugh! You are good at that, Ken! Tc&gb

  5. I need to watch this every day …. Thank You Ken and Thank You LORD. What an encouragement for all of us ordinary people looking to an extra-ordinary — extraordinary GOD.

  6. God has blessed you and you recognize His unconditional for you! There isn’t anyone like you. Your humor is clean and unique. You are a blessing to all!! ❤️❤️

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