The Artist within!

6a00d834958b7053ef00e5538f87dc8833Welcome to “Watercooler Wednesday,” inspired by my friend Randy Elrod.

I have been friends with Josh Blay since he was 13 years old. He is now 26. Recently I saw a transformation in his life. He discovered the artist dwelling within his soul. He always knew it was there but only saw it flourish when it was encouraged to develop and grow by the talented mentors and professors at O’More School of Design. Omore invited the artist in Josh to come out and play. As a result Josh creates unique and beautiful pieces of art that I am proud to display in my home. The other result is a new sense of inspiration and direction to Josh’s life.

There is an artist in all of us. No one less talented than The Creator Himself placed the artist there. Some are painters, some are lovers of people some are wizards with words or numbers. No matter what the artistic bent, the artist wants to come out and play. Thanks to O’More for purposely looking for the artist in young lives. Thanks to God for placing it there. Here’s a portrait of Salvador Dali Josh made from old pieces of leather.


Have you found the artist in you? Let em come out and play.


  1. I am honored to say that I know Josh and have seen the ARTIST of Artist begin the transformation in his life. Thank you, Ken and Diane for being his friend and introducing him to Omore College and THE ARTIST.

  2. i count you both as friends, ken and josh, both blessings from our creator. O’More College has been a blessing to my life as well. thanks for the kind words. mark
    dr. k. mark hilliard
    president & ceo
    O’More College of Design
    Franklin TN USA

  3. I absolutely love mosaics. I wish someone had directed me toward a more artistic career path when I was in college. I’m just now beginning to discover the artist inside of me…I’ve had to slow way down and begin to discover a feast for my five senses everywhere around me, waiting to be partaken of and experienced. That’s been step #1. Now I think I might be ready for step #2 – to explore creative, artistic outlets other than music. I really want to learn how to make a collage. And an altered book. And possibly a mosaic. And maybe stained glass. And I want to learn to make the best, most creative cupcakes. And I want to learn how to tell stories and teach Biblical truths in a creative way. All for God’s glory!

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