The Right Start


Dad yelled, “Hit it,” and I moved the throttle of the boat forward. Instantly my little granddaughter popped out of the water and was skiing. All of us were screaming and jumping up and down and then I remembered I was suppose to be driving the boat. When she decided to quit I slowed the boat to an idle and she was still skiing. Her dad started pulling in the rope and she finally just stepped onto the platform on the back of the boat without ever falling. I wish you could have seen the smile on her face.


What helped my granddaughter learn was a pair of trainer skis that are close to miraculous in helping a new skier and a very patient dad who talked her though her fear. Before the week was over every grandchild down to the three year old water skied.

I promise some unbelievable video of the rest of the gang very soon.

The right tools to help people get an easier start, and patient friends to hand in there until you get the hang of it. Seems like thats a good combination for any situation in life.


  1. I must confess…
    …I was hoping to scroll down to see a picture of you on the water with a big smile while waving with one hand.
    But alas, not this day. 🙂

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