Who Gives this Woman to This Man?

It’s Lighten Up Monday!

More than once in my life I have been unable to answer a simple question.  This was a very important question and I blew it!
[youtube id=”v5o5JRAnfDI”] This clip taken from Fully Alive. For more info, click here.
What’s your unusual wedding story?


  1. Ken!
    The video feed is coming up that this video is “private” (it won’t play!)

    1. Author

      Sorry! The blog posted before the video did. Try now! Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I love starting my Monday with you. :o) Thank you for the reminder to lighten up. :o)

  3. Funny!!

    I was wondering are you still going to do the triathlon group?

  4. well, it’s not private but it was kind of terrible. Like awful, and it literally wasted two minutes of my life.

  5. Hi, I just listened to you book Fully Alive and loved it, but would definitely like to talk to you about it. Can I? Also just found these videos and am enjoying them!!

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