Wii will Wii will Rock you!


Last night I played my first game of Wii. Or should I say, “We” played a game of Wii. It wasn’t a big game. It was just a wee game of Wii that we played. I played a video game that allowed me to bowl, play tennis, box, and take part in a variety sports and sweat profusely without leaving my living room. I bowled with my three year old grand daughter. Now get this. You hold this thingee in your hand, pretend to throw a bowling ball and an ugly little guy on the screen rolls the ball as fast as you throw it, in the direction you throw it and knocks down pins just as if you were really bowling. We played ten games. The next day I was so stiff I could hardly move……all from pretending to play a Wii little game……with no real ball and no alley and no pins. And a three year old beat me. One last thing…. Watch out for ceiling fans.

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