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Two Principles that Can Change the World

Two Principles that Can Change the World -- Compassion InternationalLast night I was captivated by two speakers at the Compassion International appreciation banquet.

Both men began their lives in hopeless social, spiritual, and physical poverty.  But they didn’t stay there.

People they had never met lived out  two principles that changed these boys lives and as a result, changed the lives of thousands of other children.

A 23 year old young woman and an elderly woman heard the stories of these boys and sponsored them.

The amazing result?

A passionate young man, Samuel Orlando, stands at the front of the room.  He no longer walks the streets selling cornbread from a pail.  He is no longer taunted as the “Cornbread Boy.” Today he is a a talented young man, a sound technician and Christian musician who travels the United States passionately encouraging his fans to sponsor other children living without hope. His dreams were realized because someone applied the life-changing principles in their lives.

Laurent Mbanda, A handsome articulate man in his 60s man holds us in rapt attention as he tells of being lifted from the hopeless hell of a Rawanda refugee camp to receiving a PHD and working with Compassion International.  Now he is back in his home country bringing hope to countless other children in the name of Jesus.  From poverty to recent election as respected educator and Bishop of Rawanda, all because a 23-year-old young woman practiced the principles that can change the world.

I wish there was room to tell their entire stories. Click on their names to see a brief summary of the miracle of their lives.

These men were exhibit A in an evening of compelling evidence that convicted me to reach out beyond my little world.  Evidence that the tiniest ray of hope changes the life of a child forever.  Evidence that we who are so blessed hold the key to that hope, cannot keep it to ourselves. I left encouraged to live out the two principles they spoke of in their stories.  These  principles could eliminate poverty world wide.

Principle number one: It is not enough to be blessed, we must also be a blessing.  

Principle number two: The problem is not that God doesn’t provide.  The problem is that we don’t share.

BAM! I can’t express how those words hit me but I am choosing to act on them.   If you are stirred as well, I would ask only that you check out the faces on this Compassion page and consider sponsoring a child. These are real children with real fears and hopes and tears.  Please consider freeing a child from poverty in Jesus name!


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  1. Ken, as a result of your message, I just signed up with Compassion to sponsor a child. Thanks for sharing your story and helping me make a decision I should have made a long time ago.

    1. Thank you Rose! I wish you could be there to see the face of a child when they find out they are sponsored. The entire family praises God and celebrates. You have changed a life in Jesus name! Begin writing right away. They love the letters more than anything else. Bless you!

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