What is the Secret to Taking a Leap of Faith?

IMG_2254 copyWhen my daughter Traci was just a little girl, I watched as she moved to the edge of a staircase and peaked over the edge. She was only about 8ft in the air but it was a huge jump for a tiny girl. She was about to demonstrate the secret to taking a leap of faith.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“I want to jump,” she said, “but every time I get near the edge my butt feels funny.” Anyone who has ever looked over the edge of a cliff knows the feeling she was describing.

I moved just under where she was standing and said, “Jump! I will catch you.” After several false starts and constant interrogation as to my ability to catch her, Traci demonstrated the secret to taking a leap of faith.

What did she do?

She simply leaned out so far she couldn’t turn back.

A look of terror crossed her face and with a scream of terror she fell into my arms. Immediately fear turned to joy as she squealed, “Let’s do it again!”

I have seen many people tremble as they stand at the edge of an important decision that could change their life. Even when all other options are gone I have seen them hesitate to act. On several occasions I have done the same thing.

So what is the secret that my daughter demonstrated?

A leap of faith is not really a leap at all.

It often starts with a tiny step or a simple lean of faith. It involves letting go of what is comfortable and trusting God.

Yesterday, thirty-five years after Traci jumped into my arms, her 15 yr old daughter, Kialee, stood on a 35 ft platform. A trapeze bar hung in space just out of her reach. This challenge is actually called “The Leap of Faith” and it is part of the Brown Canyon Adventure Park in Buena Vista Colorado, The park is a confidence building ropes course and Kialee once again was about to demonstrate the secret to taking a that leap.

Take a careful look at this picture of Kialee’s jump and think about the fact that many people can never bring themselves to do it.


How much of a leap of faith does it take to get to the trapeze bar?  Not 35 feet!  Less than 18 inches.  Anyone who can jump 18  inches can take this leap.

How much faith does it take to swim across a swimming pool? Just enough to let go of the edge of the pool.

How much faith does it take to give your life to God? The faith of a child.

How much faith will it take to bring you past the obstacles in your life and allow you to embrace your dreams?

When Kialee jumped to the trapeze bar her shouts of joy echoed through the park.  When her feet finally touched the ground her words echoed those of millions of people who have taken the little steps that lead to big leaps of faith, words her mother had spoken 35 years before…

Let’s do it again!

Make sure your leap is a worthy one, then lean forward until you can’t turn back.

Many thanks to Noah’s Ark and Browns Canyon Adventure Park for the adventure, joy and faith they have brought to thousands of families through the years.




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