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  1. Awesome story. Wes sent me here, and your tale is one that was very good to hear tonight. Best to you. Choosing hope, that is a powerful choice.

  2. Wow…what amazing timing. A friend of mine and I were talking about Psalm 130 the other day; about what it means to hope in the Lord. Today I wrote a post at my blog about Psalm 130 about hope that is placed in this world is misplaced hope. But hope that is placed in the Lord is more sure than the rising morning sun.
    Thanks for the story.

  3. Thank you! I can’t wait to send this to clients, family, and friends, and to link it on my blog. What a beautiful spirit! Thank you for the gift.

  4. I believe when our hope is in God and his unfailing love is when we begin to know his power, and see miracles happen.

  5. I am fighting to walk again after massive blood clots in both legs! Sometimes I get so discouraged and lose that thing called “hope”. God is the great Physician. I cling to that and then read this commentary again. Thanks for sharing something this old gal really needed…again and again!!

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