4 Actions you can take Today to Help Shed that Holiday Spread!

The holidaysshutterstock_121670014 are over. For many people, me included, our best efforts to stay fit and healthy were sabotaged when the spread on the table became the spread on our middle.

Fear not! Here are some actions you can take today to get back on track and regain control.

1.  Get rid of the guilt trip

One of the greatest obstacles to regaining our healthy “pre-holiday” attitude toward diet and exercise is hanging on to guilt. So you didn’t quite stick to the plan during all the celebration! Reboot! Put the guilt behind you and get back on track starting today. Absolutely NOTHING is accomplished by lamenting what happened last month.

So shake off those chains of guilt. The sooner you are free, the quicker you can continue to move toward the goals that will keep you healthy fit and ready for action!

2.  Get rid of the leftovers

Everybody I know, and many people I didn’t know, sent me calories for Christmas. Now that the holidays are over, tins of beautifully decorated chocolate call to me from the kitchen counter at all hours of the day and night. “Ken! Ken! Do you think I’m pretty? Come and taste me!”

Cakes dripping with delectable goo whisper my name when I open the refrigerator. Is it a dishonor to the people who sent them to now give them away or throw them deep into the woods? Wouldn’t it be a slap in the face of the gift giver to use that pound cake as a door stop?


Embrace the spirit behind the gift and then get it out of your sight and reach!

3.  Get organized with what’s left over

While you are tossing the holiday sweets, grab the processed crackers, chips, and sodas that add nothing to your nutrition and replace them with healthy proteins and fiber. Stock up on those fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks.

Rearrange your refrigerator so that the foods you really need are within easy reach and you have to take a flight somewhere to get the foods that you don’t need.  Get back with the program.  If you don’t have a program get one!  Doing something is better than giving in.

4.  Get your head screwed on straight

As you recover from whatever lapses took place over the holidays, make sure you are embracing the right motivations and goals. Ultimately, this is not about a number on the scale or a dress size. It is about your emotional, physical and even spiritual health. Aiming for those goals will help you keep from slipping again. They will keep you on track even if you get into that dress or reach that goal weight.

How do I know all this? Certainly not because I am an expert. However, I have walked this journey for 68 years and refuse to give in or give up. I am committed to doing my part to stay healthy as long as I am able.  If I can help my friends along the way then I am one happy camper.

Here are a couple of resources I have found helpful:

Recipes from Bob Harper’s ‘Skinny Rules’. Forget the word skinny, these are great rules for staying healthy.

Jay Robb’s fruit flush diet.  A short term detox that can start you back on the right track.

Fully Alive! If you haven’t read this yet, I promise it will inspire you to take action today. The movie and the book have saved lives.  It can help you get yours back.

Finally, join our Team Fully Alive for continuing tips and encouragement. Share your ideas and be inspired by others.

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  1. Great encouragement and info, Ken! Your gift of humor makes it a joy to read!!

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