What is the Point of Cadillac Surgery?

shutterstock_157005353My ophthalmologist got right to the point. “You have two Cadillacs in your eyes and they will need to be removed!” I was offended and quoted what I remembered from Matthew 7:5 “You hypocrite, first remove the “Beamer” from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the “Cadillac” out of your brother’s eye.

The first surgery is over. A laser zapped the Cadillac and the surgeon implanted a new lens. Thanks to what he called a “relaxant” I didn’t even flinch. I don’t think I would have flinched if they had thrown me out a second story window. I had forgotten the world was full of such detail and color. I am scheduled to have surgery on the second eye this Thursday.

I am looking forward to being Cadillac free. I must confess I am also looking forward to the “relaxant. ”

So is there a point to this post?


I was amazed at  how profoundly my Cadillac had affected my ability to see clearly. Over the years I realized I have suffered from other impairments to “clear vision.”

  • For  years I was focused on fame and neglected my family.
  • Unfounded anxiety once blinded me.
  • Staring at retirement made me near-sighted.
  • A bank account clouded my vision.
  • There was a time when my own choice of “relaxant” blurred my focus.
  • An accumulation of STUFF once kept me from seeing clearly.

After my surgery I will have 20/20 vision. I am determined to search for any other impediments to sight that could keep me from living 20/20 life. Your prayers for success in both areas are appreciated.

Have you had cataract surgery? What were the results?
Have you ever had anything impair your “vision of life?” What did you do?


  1. Yes. I had one removed from my right eye two years ago on my birthday. Wow! What a present. Pulled out my guitar and immediately began playing “I can see clearly now, the blur is gone. Gonna be a bright…bright sun shiny day.”

    Congratulations on your success. After the surgery, when the angle is just right, your wife will notice a gleam in your eyes. (Mine is just in my right eye.) My reply was “baby that gleam has always been there for you.”

    Right eye surgery XX $$
    Left eye surgery XX $$
    Value of the material it will provide for your program — Priceless!!!’

    1. Greg, You are a master with the words. I can see the edge of my first lens in bright light. I hope that goes away.

  2. Now that you’ve had the Cadillac removed and a new Lexus installed do you look any better?

  3. I pray that your 2nd surgery goes better than mine … I had complications that my dr. said “hardly ever happens” … for this reason my husband says he’ll never have it done … he’ll just live with them … he’s the person that had to rush me back to the dr. the next morning with the container I was holding while I was vomiting … sorry, but I’m being completely honest about my experience.

  4. Had both eyes done in 2007. The only issue I had is they didn’t tell me I would lose my up close vision. When I complained they said most people “my age” didn’t have up close vision so they never thought to tell me…. my age huh, I represent that remark…lol. I didn’t realize how blind I was until after the first surgery. All in all it was well worth it, can drive, watch tv, etc all without glasses but for the reading and the computer have to have the trusty “readers”. Hope all goes well with the 2nd surgery,

    1. Hopefully, I will not need glasses after the second surgery. They are putting a special lens in the second eye. I guess it’s an “old age” lens.

  5. For me right now it’s clutter…after living in our home for five years, it’s starting to build. It seems insurmountably to find the time to go through everything but that’s my goal for the summer. To be clutter free before the kids go back to school. 🙂 ps – enjoy the relaxant! 🙂

  6. Hi Ken…Yes I have had two retina surgeries and then a cadillac surgery to clear me back up. Picked up my new glasses last Monday! What ever it takes to see clearly! Thanks for your post! Good luck with your surgery!
    Let’s do another triathlon soon! Cedars of Lebanon was a blast! Nothing will slow us down! Lee

  7. My father did left eye cataract surgery on November 12, 2014. It has been almost two months. His left eye vision is worse than before the surgery. We were told by the doctor that the lens is inserted very well, but my father’s eye is very dry and his cornea is too dry and like a sand paper.the doctor block my father’s bottom tear conduit and my father use eye lubricant all the time. it help to make his eye comfortable, but don’t improve his vision. what else we can do to improve his vision? We canceled the right eye’s surgery schedule which is on January 12, 2015.

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