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Will You Be on My Team?

triathlon swimYesterday I started a twelve week training program preparing me to compete in my 4th Triathlon on May 17th. I can almost hear you muttering, “Why would an old guy like you do that?”

Having a goal like this out in front of me inspires me to work toward that goal. Working toward that goal, keeps me on an activity schedule that sheds pounds, makes me stronger, and keeps me healthy.

It has worked EVERY time. However this time I am going to do four things differently and I am asking YOU to be a part of all four.

1. I would like to have you in my corner encouraging me to stay with the program.

2. For the first time I am training with the specific goal of taking first place. I can’t do this alone. I need cheerleaders.

3. I would like you to set a health goal that can only be reached by consistent activity and let me in on it and allow me to cheer you on.

4. I have asked my team to build a place where people who want to live fully alive can be in an internet community with others who seek the same goal. It will include discussion forums, tips on staying fit and healthy, and websites and apps to help you live a healthy full life. I want you to join us.

If you are willing to be part of my team please  “LIKE” me HERE on my Facebook Page and post a comment that says, “I am on your team!” Your support will inspire me more than you know.

My event is the Cedars of Lebanon Sprint Triathlon. Watch our Facebook Page on the day of the race. Let’s build a group of people who will support and encourage each other.

[reminder]Will you join my team? Watch my Facebook Page for the exciting news of what is coming.[/reminder]


  1. From on Ken to another, I think this a great challenge. I am trying to motivate myself to get up and move more. Following your example may be what I need and I promise to encourage you along the way. Who wants to just exist and be only half-alive? Be Fully Alive!

  2. That is awesome Ken. I’ve been wanting a fitness goal to work towards as well. I’ll have to get back to you when I come up with them! And, we are definitely on your team and will cheer you on!! =)

  3. I am on your team and I sure could use a major cheerleader on mine! GO!! KEN GO!!!! You can do it!!!!!

  4. I am on your team Ken! Thanks for always encouraging, it’s our turn to return the favor…

  5. I am on your team! My goals are to be less sedentary and realistically to lose 5-10 lbs/month until I have lost 70-80 lbs while building muscle.

  6. The moms at Single & Parenting for MOMS are cheering you on! Making progress & changes with the support of friends; Fully Alive & transformed in Christ, Oh! My! How they go together! And we are support partners for you, Ken!

  7. I’m on your team, Ken! You motivate me to live Fully Alive and now I can help motivate you! Go get em!

  8. I did my first Sprint 2009. Since becoming addicted, I have enjoyed two Half-Ironman races. God taught me a lot during the grueling training and on the challenging courses.
    I’ve taken a two years off. So, I’ll cheer you on from Texas 😉
    Tri-harder, Go faster! Enjoy the journey and the event.

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