I Don’t Remember Dropping the Skunk!

I learned a lot about life growing up on a farm. One day as we were driving to church a family of skunks crossed the road in front of us. My dad slammed on the brakes and shouted. “Grab one of the little ones Ken.” I usually obeyed my dad without question but I remember looking at him like he had lost his mind.

He pushed me toward the skunks. “If you get his back legs off the ground he can’t squirt you. Grab one hurry!”

I grabbed the smallest critter by the tail and held him at face level. He turned his head to look at me. I’m sure skunks call this “taking aim.”

Then he let me have it.

I don’t remember dropping the skunk but I do remember trying to breathe.

My mom made me take a bath in tomato juice. Then we proceeded to church. Nothing short of death could keep our family from church.

Here are the things I learned that day:

  • Don’t pick up skunks.
  • No matter how fast you drop a skunk, it won’t be fast enough.
  • Bathing in tomato juice does not remove skunk smell from a child. However it does ruin a lot of tomato juice.
  • If you go to church after being sprayed by a skunk you will have a “phew” to yourself, if you get my drift.
  • Dad’s don’t know everything.
  • Lots of life lessons there. I’m sure you get the drift. Lighten up and live.


    1. I found out that original Listerine is the best for removing skunk scent. You’ve heard most of my skunk experiences. I gotta say my dad may sent me out to do a lot of strange things, but, I learned at a very young age to never get within 25 yards of a live skunk.

    2. thanks for the laugh ! ….BUT Did Dad ever say WHY he wanted you to pick up the skunk ???? Or apologize ???? 😉

    3. I have taken the tomato juice bath also as a child we had a dog buddy that retrieved all he found, about 6 of us cousins tried to run up a fallen tree when we could not run fast enough away from buddy’s proud skunk find. The fallen tree was not high enough and don’t know why the skunk waited until buddy captured a bunch of us in a place we could not run from. A definitely bad moment for a pack of cousins. However that was the most interesting never forgotten laughable family cousin get together anyone could ever know or remember and the local grocery store keeper made a huge profit on tomato juice.And you are right Ken only polluted tomatio juice was accomplished that day and we cousins got a lot of alone time away from the rest of the family crew. However this did indeed turn into a totally awesome fun memory. LOL when the skunk smell was gone that is.

    4. Is there audio version still available for purchase? We had the cassette tape growing up and I woul like a copy of it again because it was great to listen to.

    5. Is there any way possible to get a copy on audio. My Dad and I loved to listen to the cassette when we where on road trips. My best ever memories as a kid and would love to get for my Dad as a gift, and have a copy for myself.

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