Do You Really Want to Live for 450 years???

turtle headSome of the excuses people use for not exercising are flat out hilarious.  I heard three that sounded pretty good at first blush, but further investigation poked big holes in the logic of every one of them.

Warning!  This post won’t change the world but I hope it makes you smile.

Someone said, If walking is good for your health, the mailman would be immortal.  They probably would, except for the fact that they never have time to eat.

Studies show that most “postpersons” die of starvation. Remember, diet is an important part of the equation, especially the eating part. Sorry that excuse doesn’t hold water or mail. Start walking!

Then an observant excuse maker pointed out that a whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water, and is still loaded with blubber. But have you ever listened to the noises those whales make?

These are unhappy animals. You would be unhappy, too, if you tipped the scales at 50 tons and your nose was located in the middle of your back.  Whales are heavy because they are sad.  Find a pool, eat fish and drink lots of water. 

Finally a friend pontificated from his easy chair this tidbit.  A tortoise doesn’t run or move at any speed beyond idle, yet it lives for 450 years. 

That’s right, but look what that lazy lifestyle has done to his looks.  Would you like to go through life with a face like a turtle?  And have you seen that neck?  If turtles would run around the block five or six times a day and use a little face cream, everybody would want a turtle.

Bottom line! We are not whales or “torti” or whatever the plural word is for tortoise.  We are humankind, made in the image of God.  We should take care of his handywork.

And yes, I know, almost forgot the “Postperson.”  Postmen and post-women were made in God’s image too.  They just need to start eating better.  I recommend turtle soup.

[reminder]What’s your excuse?[/reminder]


  1. Mine is not an excuse, it is a reason. Between my weak heart, poor kidney’s, and all the other medical complications from diabetes, there are days I barely have energy to get out of bed, let alone running. And when I DO have energy, if I ran for 100 feet, I would exhaust myself so bad, I wouldn’t be able to do anything for a week! And I’m not exaggerating! Be thankful you are able to do the activity you can do. I was a very active person, and with my health being so bad and at times confined to my desk chair or bed is no fun at all. It’s getting to the point that I am no longer living, I am just existing. I keep asking God to let me come home, but for some reason that I can not understand, He keeps saying “No”, and at some point, if things don’t improve, I just might take matters into my own hands

    1. Thank you for sharing your situation Ken. You raise a very good point. So I am grateful to respond to you. First, thank you for giving me a chance to pray for you. Second, you are not “Just exsisting” you have blessed me and my readers by sharing your life with us today. You probably didn’t really feel like writing but you did it anyway! You blessed us. You informed us. By writing you did what you can do. We all have to live withing the limits of reality. I have no way of truly knowing the kind of pain or difficulty have to face. Like you said, you don’t live with “excuses,”you have legitimate “reasons” that you can’t run or swim or walk.

      Finally, I challenge you to look for ways to continue to bless the people around you. God isn’t done with you yet.

      When you get that energy, don’t try to run, drop someone note of encouragement, write to me, read something that brings you comfort.

      I beg you to not “take matters into your own hands.” You blessed me by reading my post and writing today. I want to bless you by praying that God might surround you with his peace and comfort. By the way, you have a wonderful first name. “KEN”

      1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I have my good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks, and so on. I thought I was having a good week, then BAM, it feels like 500 pounds has been dropped onto my body!

        I have always been amazed at your ability to take a negative, and turn it around into a positive. You have an incredible spirit that I have always admired and looked up to, and I have you to thank most of all for finally ending the lie the enemy had put in my head for many years. As I told you in person, while attending one of your comedy concerts, it was because of your message in “A Wimpy Prophet” that finally caused me to discover the lie that God could never forgive me for what I had done, and I finally stopped running away from God. I had always believed intellectually in God, but never gave my heart to Him, and finally, through Christ, bridged the gap between myself and God. And though I search after God’s Heart and His Will I am equally as anxious for the ultimate reunion with Him. And i’m not a patient person! But as you have said, and God keeps reminding me, my task here, whatever it is, is not finished, and no matter how many times I request Him to send someone else, the answer from Him is No.

        One thing is for sure, I am glad I did not come to know God through Christ because of a message from the “prosperity Gospel”. Because though I am very blessed to know the Lord as I do now, my life has become more difficult because I know what God asks of me. Though I would like to know the god that some of our Brothers and Sister’s know who seem to think that God would never ask them to do something they wouldn’t want to do!

        Hope to see you in Western New York again soon! Though your video’s can cheer me up when I am really in a depressed mood, there is nothing like seeing you in person.

        Oh, btw, I should tell you, after God gave you your twisted mind, God thought He hadn’t created one twisted enough, so he made one even more twisted, and decided to give it to me! And I use it constantly, even if physically, I am not able to do that much because of my issues.

        Take care!

  2. One of my many forays with Weight Watchers, the excercise issue came up and this one woman spoke of her mother who was very frail but loved to swim. Since she couldnt get out of the bed to swim, she would move her body in swimming motions. After a length of time, the doctors were surprised that her muscle tone had improved significantly just by “bed swimming” I remember that when I dont want to excercise which is…oh…always, and try and at least keep some part moving besides my mouth. Loved the turtle piece…lol

  3. TO: Ken L . . .

    You have inspired me today by reading you post. I agree with Ken D. that God can use you in ways you cannot imagine. I have had a situation in my family where one took things in their own hands. I beg you to let God do His work in your life. I too, will pray for you. I hope someway you will come back and read my post.

  4. I had a naturopath I went to for a sore shoulder. She told me if I couldn’t move my shoulder back to exercize, to go back as far as I could and then just think about it moving back the rest of the way. Reminded me of the think system on The Music Man where he told the boys to think the music to the Minuet in G and they would be able to play it!! I tell myself that I need to apply daily the think system to losing weight. If we thot about how much God loves me just as I are, I would be blown away by it and would take great care of myself and everyone I came in contact with!! A great weight loss option – I’d lose the weight of shame and guilt about who I think I am and think on the great things He knows I am!

  5. Delightful post. I shared it on my facebook fan page about health. I too blog about health as being on a mission for God! Bless you.

  6. When I started running daily it wasn’t easy, but I thought about a young man I know who had an accident that cost him the use of his legs. When I thought about whát he would give to be able to run, it kept me going even when it “wasn’t easy”…

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