Open Mouth, Insert Foot

shutterstock_161024912Have you ever left a party or meeting mumbling to yourself, “I wish I hadn’t said that?”

Do you know how many more times we leave without knowing how much we said, or how it affected the people around us? I think I am learning.

While bicycling with my wife, Diane, I began to cough uncontrollably. I fell by the side of the road and lay in the grass trying to catch my breath.

Finally, with one violent cough a huge beetle tumbled out of my mouth. When Diane saw what had caused the problem, she began laughing hysterically — after she had killed the prehistoric beast, of course. Between her own gasps for breath she said, “How many times have I told you to keep your mouth shut?”

Of course she was just teasing me, but it’s a lesson I am still learning. My first instinct is to correct, to disagree, to judge or to “fix it” with a single sentence.

So many relationships are damaged by people who speak before they think or listen. My dad, a veteran of WWII, used to say, “Loose lips sink ships.”

The Scriptures leave no doubt. We need to be careful about what we say and how quickly we say it.

Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips (Psalms 141:3).

From my own personal experience this is my translation of that verse.

A fool speaks without thinking. A closed mouth gathers no foot… or bugs!

Am I the only one learning to hold my tongue without getting my fingers wet?[reminder]

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  1. Thank you , for this post about loose lips. I have said many things that I wished hadn’t . It can give the wrong impression about you to others. And I’m sure I have been taken the wrong way. In fact I know I have. One thing I was truthful about, to a family member, just making a statement, I guess she didn’t want to hear , not even about her, offended her. She still dislikes and holds it against me to this day. Thank you for reminding me not only to think before I speak , but not to talk to much, to where people avoid you . Thank you, God Bless Sherry

  2. I have written some of your words.
    Rereading lots of things you have said over the past few years. We always need reminders.
    Never do I want “Loose Lips”! It is a very bad thing.
    Keep writing and I will keep reading!

  3. The last thing my husband wrote to me -he was on a ventelator-was “You talk to much” Ouch. He generally did speak the truth in love. I just have to remember to listen with the 2 ears God gave me and speak with the one mouth 1/2 the time.

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