A Cat’s Perspective

Welcome to another Lighten Up Monday just for YOU! Remember to have fun this week – hope you enjoy the clip!

[youtube id=”NTqFLioEbec”]

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip is from my DVD, A Wimpy Prophet.


  1. Ken – As a cat person, I laugh at the idea of whether a cat or dog could be Christian. However, I can say without question that God has blessed me with a cat that has provided a tremendous comfort and a calming affect throughout some troubled times. I greatly enjoy dogs and horses as well. The cat, however, has never tracked mud in on freshly cleaned carpets nor has she brought in a dead squirrel and dropped it on the clothes I just pulled from the dryer. I believe God uses our pets to bring humor, comfort and even humility to our imperfect lives. Certain horses and ponies have brought about many humbling reminders that I am not in control & never have been.

    Have a wonderful day! Thank you for letting God use you with the talents you’ve been blessed with.


  2. Another good chuckle. Laughter sure is good medicine. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” it says in Proverbs and it is so true. Thank you Ken. God bless.

  3. Hilarious! Love you Ken Davis!!!! You certainly are the antidote for giving me laughter in an otherwise dull day! Thank you!!! And may God bless you as He uses you to make others laugh!

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