A Dyslexic Love Song

It’s Mighten up Londay.  I’ve lived with a low level of Dyslexia/ADHD most of my life.  I often have to rewrite these posts several times to correct all the mixed up letters and sentences.  When I heard my friend, Paul Aldrich – who also struggles with the problem, sing this song,  I thought I would die laughing.

If you have Dyslexia I hope you find comfort in the fact that you are not alone.  Welcome to the club.  If you don’t have Dyslexia, sooner or later you will exhibit some of the symptoms.  If you can’t see the humor in this, that is a sadder disorder all of its own.
[youtube id=”3qhtuui19Ls”] I once got a stern lecture because I wrote this answer to a college exam question: “It doesn’t matter as long as I win!” I had mistakenly read the question as, “How do you feel about racing?”  the real question was, “How do you feel about racism?”

Any friends out there who live in my world?
How do you deal with it?
Can you laugh about it?


  1. I began the holidays last year by telling a random store clerk, “have a thanks great giving day!” (Slowly slinks away, avoiding the astonished stare…)

  2. I am temporarily in a nursing home…..the cleaning lady comes in and says “is it okay if I clean your room?” I thought she said ” does it pay to clean your room? I was shocked that she spoke so rudely……it was a good laugh.

  3. Ken, I am taking online courses to obtain my bachelors degree in psychology and have to type everything on my laptop. As I proofread, I often find words I have transposed the letters or jumbled a word in my sentence structure here or there. When I heard this song I busted a gut laughing with him and at myself. I totally get it and feel his pain. I never struggled with dyslexia, it was, and still is just a mild nuisance. I do know several friends that it was a major obstacle for them as they grew up. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, then who can we laugh at?
    Thanks for sharing, Ken!

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