A Kansan Cow

It’s Lighten Up Monday! Time for a smile or two to start the week. Question: What happens when you mix grandchildren, a 2000 lb cow, and a drive across Kansas in the middle of the night? Answer: A miracle!

[youtube id=”08W34CQxY9g”]


  1. LOVE Lighten Up Monday – LOVE THIS & can relate; I’m a grandparent of a 3 yr old in Tacoma, WA AND I live in KCMO & have driven through KANSAS to visit said grandson – FUNNY story, but glad God protected ya’ll!

  2. Absolutely there is nothing in Kansas! My husband and I are from Overland Park, Kansas! We went to Denver few years back . After we past Edgerton Kansas it was nothing! It was flat land!! I told my husband there was nothing here except wheat and like you said occasionally you would see corn. I agree!

  3. What happened to the vehicle behind you? I’ve listened several times now and that one thought is driving me crazy! Love, love, the story. Driven through Kansas more than a dozen times….and you are so accurate in your description. Thank you for sharing!

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