A Tall Tale for Telemarketers

Okay Boys and Girls, guess what day it is?  It’s Lighten Up Monday!  I must confess that sometimes it is hard to watch these old comedy clips.  I feel like my performance was so amateurish and stiff.  It is also interesting to see what the years have done to my face and body.  However, truth doesn’t change.  If you ever get annoying sales calls, you might want to try this.
[youtube id=”q-gpatMQjrM”] [reminder]I would love to hear if you have a method other than “hanging up” that works on telemarketers.[/reminder]


  1. Tell the person calling that there is a charge for this call. Please give me your credit card number and I’ll answer any questions you have. They usually hang up on you.

  2. Say, ” How about you give me your number, so I can call you at some inconvenient time”.

  3. I start talking to them as if they were a good friend. It really throws them off when you’re super friendly, chat about the weather, then I tell them (before they can start their sell) how great it’s been talking to them, have a great day. Bye. No need to be mean or rude.

  4. Have a list of survey questions ready to ask them before the telemarketer starts their routine…

  5. I had someone call me selling burial plots. I asked, Why? You know something I don’t know? Have you talked to my doctor? It was silent for awhile. Lol. Actually when I was 16 I was a telemarketer. But people told my boss the only reason they said yes was because I was such a joy to talk to! Do every thing with a joyful heart!

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