Allergy Testing

Ahhh ahh ah CHOO! If you’ve ever experienced allergies, I think you’ll enjoy this Lighten Up Monday clip by my friend, Daren Streblow.


  1. I resemble that. I’m allergic to some inert ingredient in prescription pills and therefore can only take one type of pain med. the pharmacy keeps a supply of the pills on hand even though I’m the only one in the community that takes them. I’m also allergic to a number of spices and all forms of peppers, so if the food tastes real good I most likely can’t have it. Remember that inert ingredient I talked about earlier? It’s one of the ingredients in benadryl, which means I have 2 options 1) only eat food that tastes bland. 2) itch for 2 weeks. The only thing I can be thankful for is that mystery meatin our house is truly mystery meat.

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