Car Crash

Happy Lighten Up Monday! Remember not to miss the point of why you’re here – enjoy the light-hearted, but important, message in this clip.

Today’s clip is taken from my DVD, Good News.


  1. Dear Ken,
    Not sure if you remember us, but about 5 yrs ago, my daughter Emma “recognized your voice” while waiting for our luggage at the Nashville airport. Her dad was deployed overseas, and you gave her 2 DVDs. She was so happy to get to meet you!
    Well, very tragically and so overwhelming sadly, our 19 y.o. daughter Emily “Emma” Catherine Skrabacz was stolen from us on 10/25/15 when she was struck and instantly killed by a drunk driver in Nashville, TN.
    Emma had just been accepted to MTSU, and will always be our precious
    “True Blue” baby “bright eyes.”
    Glory to God, in Jesus, we will see her again.
    Until then, we will miss her with every breath we take.
    Thank you for taking the time to speak with her; you’ll never know how much that meant.
    God Bless,
    Catherine Skrabacz

  2. THANK you, Ken Davis, for reminding me to NOT miss the point! I so look forward to your Monday Lighten Up sessions. ~Karen Rieger

  3. Thanks, Ken, for the reminder to keep first things first. It’s still all about Him.

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