Cat Parents vs Dog Parents

Happy Lighten Up Monday! Enjoy this clip that demonstrates different parenting styles. I was a cat parent… but be dog parents!!

[youtube id=”VTbbYLvhDSM”]


  1. That was great!!!! I’m a cat lover and I still laughed so hard on how cats teach trust clip … that was just funny. Actually my cat brings laughter often into my life. She will just decided “Lynn needith to laugh” and will do what ever to enduce it from me. To distract me to come play. To just bring giggles The more I giggle the wilder her antics become. My cat loves to laugh in how she plays, she even more enjoys hearing me laugh.
    The dog part went well too. So adorable the encouragement of the interaction. Laughter is important in life. Thanks!!! Thanks for showing of laughter and living to be alive. YOu rock!

  2. My cat Nicky used to stare at me while he nonchalantly pushed stuff off the table.

  3. I’m a “cat person,” but think this is so funny (and true!). I’ve seen both of them before but not put together like this. Love it!

  4. I think you forgot to post the, ‘ the no animals were harmed during the making of this film ….. disclaimer’
    Very Funny clips

  5. Lovely doggies. Yes, cats can be cruel but I loved my old cat who is no longer with us. He was a nice cat. He didn’t do mean things.

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