Conversations With My Body

Happy Lighten Up Monday, Friends! Does your body talk to you like mine talks to me? Here’s a story about my experience, right when I was about to go to sleep. Enjoy!


  1. A good one, but I would love to hear again about what your father thinks of the new praise music, and his treat for your graduation.

    1. I just never get enough of your humor. I’ll be 93 next month . You have a boyish quality in your voice as well as your words. Your Mom must adore you. My son is very humorous, like my husband, and you love being around people who have a funny view of life. Don’t stop no matter how old you get! Insanity is under appreciated!

  2. Thank You So So much Sir for this!
    In the worst day of my life…….Your Most Beautiful Gifting gives me hope. Thank You

  3. P.s….I think I am in love with paula..
    ….insanity is under appreciated hehehe

  4. Thank you Ken. It is wonderful to start the day with laughter and you provide this so well! God bless you and your family!

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